Silent Disco Hire

Please visit our new website – www.wickedsilentdisco.co.uk

Newly available – The amazing experience which is Silent Disco!
Plug in up to 3 of your own media devices to the transmitters, which broadcast on separate channels simultaneously to all of the headphones. Simply select the channel playing the best tunes, and see who else around you is listening to the same music with the coloured (red, blue or green) led lights on their headphones.
Enjoy at home, or add a supersized gazebo for more space!
All come fully charged, and thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes.
Delivered free within a 15 mile radius of Hemel Hempstead
Requires £75 security deposit.

Silent Disco Hire
Silent Disco Hire
Includes 25 Bluetooth Headphones and 3 transmitters
Weekend Hire – £125
Silent Disco + Supersize Gazebo
Includes 25 Bluetooth Headphones, 3 transmitters and 6x3m gazebo
Weekend Hire – £240