Indoor Hot Tub

OK, so I’ll ‘fess up, this isn’t one of ours. But doesn’t it make you want an indoor tub? And a stone fireplace? And a few million quid for the house to put it in?

Having said all that, what were they thinking with the safety rail? I mean, health and safety is all good but I’m pretty sure that the people it’s supposed to protect (ie. kids) will be short enough to run right underneath that 🙂

Ho hum, it’s probably just jealousy I guess because I don’t have a few million quid for the house (and what looks like a woodland to put it in) just lying around. Best I start saving my pennies or marrying into money.

If your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far either, give us a shout about renting something slightly more modest, but just as much fun!

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