Hot tub service to the stars

It was a last minute call on a Saturday, but I still had a large hot tub available so I put down the glass of wine I was about to drink and got on the road. I’ll confess, I didn’t recognise the beautiful lady who answered the door at first, but she was lovely and chatty.

During our talk, she mentioned that she was in the entertainment industry and on further discussion she mentioned she’d been in a band called ‘Hearsay’! It was only Suzanne Shaw, also winner of Dancing on Ice!

She was kind enough to pose for a selfie and send a photo of her with her partner and some friends enjoying the hot tub! I was surprised how down-to-earth she was and we talked about all sorts of subjects from the new sitcom she’s written to the extension she’s planning on her lovely home. A genuinely nice person who I hope we can supply again sometime soon.

Me posing for a selfie with Suzanne Shaw of Hearsay
Me with Suzanne Shaw
Suzanne Shaw of Hearsay, in a large hot tub with friends
Suzanne Shaw and friends

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