Solid Hot Tub Sales

We’ve been so pleased with our Premier, solid hot tubs, that we’ve decided to also offer a purchase option. They are manufactured in the UK and exceptionally reliable, even with the slightly harder usage they endure from us !
There’s a range of options available when it comes to body colour and finishing trim colour. All benefit from massaging hydrojets and are very well insulated to keep the running costs down.

When it comes to delivery, the 2-3 person and 4-5 person tubs will often fit through a standard doorway, so can be installed even with difficult access. We are able to give on-site advice regarding this.

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Hot tub sale prices
Top of the range 5-6 person solid hot tub
Premier hot tub gazebo
One of our 4-5 person solid hot tubs in use
Affordable and excellent for a smaller spaces – 2-3 person hot tub

Inflatable Hot Tub Sales

While we don’t sell inflatable hot tubs directly, there are a couple of excellent retailers we recommend.

In terms of manufacturer, we only advise Lay-Z-Spa. Sure, there are cheaper options available but we’ve had the opportunity to inspect them and can’t say that we’ve been too impressed. Quality of components is everything and Lay-Z-Spa are reliable – we wouldn’t use them for rentals otherwise!
They’re constructed well, with a 40°C rapid heating system and all-surrounding airjets. All the new models feature a beneficial power-saving timer and Freeze Shield™ technology so it can be used all year round.

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Inflatable hot tub for sale

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