Hot Tub Movie Night

Movie screen inside a gazebo for a hot tub Drinks holder on the edge of the hot tub Toes in the hot tub

This week, a customer sent over some fantastic photos of Hot Tub Movie Night, from their weekend. Jenny had decided to treat her husband on his birthday, which coincided with Movie Night!

We had to super secret squirrel about the whole thing when we set up. The doorbell had a cctv camera which he can monitor on his phone, so even that was covered with a post-it note! We had to be in and out in double quick time too. Jenny monitored his route home and rushed out of the door to usher him in when he arrived, so he wouldn’t peer over the back garden fence and see the top of the dome. She managed to keep him from going outside for a whole 24 hours too!

It was all worth it, for a fab cinema experience with a difference. The projector was set up in the house, showing a film on a screen inside the dome. Check out the pictures and the lovely review she wrote on Facebook

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