Hot Tub Cinema – coming soon!

An exciting new package we’re going to be offering soon – Hot Tub Cinema!

We’d seen a couple of customers set up their own screens, and also had a lot of people asking if we offered the service. So we should be up and running fairly soon. The package will feature a large 3mx6m gazebo, with full walls all round and projector capable of projecting a 2.5m wide image on to the screen.

Obviously, you’ll need to provide your own media and/or internet connection which will reach the site, but we should be able to assist with setup, connecting cables etc.

Hot tub cinema

This is just the trial run for our hot tub cinema experience, but it’s looking pretty good so far!

We may also offer additional waterproof beanbags for seating in front of the hot tub, so everyone can enjoy it. Or even if you just need to cool off for a while. You could even take turns in the water!

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