Floating hot tub!

Fair play. I wish I’d thought of this – A floating hot tub that’s heated by a wood stove and you pilot merrily down the river / canal / wherever the hell you want.It’s an absolutely genius invention from a Dutch guy (where else?), Frank de Bruijn. The man is my new hero and I’d love to buy him a beer. It’s beautiful in its’ simplicity, made from wood, fibre glass and powered by a quiet electric motor, it’s got everything you’d need. One person needs to stay sober to steer the thing I guess, but you’d have to draw straws to see who that unlucky person is.

It looks like they have a couple of locations in the UK currently, one in Islington, London (hottugUK) and one on the Thames in Surrey (Runnymede Hotel)

We’re not affiliated with them in any way, just thought the whole thing is an awesome idea. Good luck to you Frank and your mad idea, and all who sail in her!

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