Filling up in Watford

As I sit watching hot tubs fill up, it occurred to me that I have a fairly unique and yet utterly useless talent. I can predict how long a hot tub will take to fill up based on the water pressure I can see coming out of the hose.

I usually ask what time it finished filling when I collect, and I’ve discovered I’m usually right with my prediction to within around 20 minutes. So there, I told you – utterly useless to almost everyone. I can’t speed it up, it just goes at the pace it goes and that’s it.

This particular house had no outdoor tap and had to connect to an upstairs bathroom mixer tap.┬áIf you’re interested (and no-one really is), it took 3 1/2 hours in total.

Watford hot tub filling up
Watford hot tub filling

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