Berkhamsted – School’s out for Summer!

I always think hot tubs bring people together. One interesting thing which isn’t often considered is that people usually (and sensibly) ban mobile phones from the tub. While some initially resent the idea, I always hear how a family have sat in the tub playing silly word games, or best friends have set the world to rights, or a couple have discussed their next holiday.

This wasn’t any of those things. Organised by Joe, this was a community of (mostly) teachers from Berkhamsted school, celebrating end of term! Setting up in a communal space, this was all about celebration. Everyone was included, even a passing resident who they hadn’t been able to contact previously, was invited.

It sounds like they had an amazing night!

Berkhamsted School teachers
Berkhamsted School teachers
Berkhamsted School teachers party
Berkhamsted School teachers

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