August is over!

Wow. So, we’re finally done with August.
It’s been a mixed bag of weather, but noone seems to have been to bothered when enjoying a hot tub. A bit of light rain never hurt anyone!

It’s been incredibly busy for us, and we love meeting all of our new customers, and many regulars too. Some have booked because holidays were cancelled, some have booked for birthday parties, some for hen nights, and some for no reason at all! Whatever the reason, we’ve enjoyed meeting everyone and delivering a little bit of fun and happiness in difficult times.

Now we can’t wait to meet all of those people who enjoy a starker contrast between the cooler weather outside, and the hot water in the tub. So long as you don’t mind the quick dash back into the house after, it’s lovely to feel the chill on your face while the rest of you is toasty and warm. Just try dunking your head underwater every so often, to really feel the difference.

We’re also gearing up for the delivery of our new solid hot tubs, while also getting reading for Christmas bookings (there, I said the C word already!)

See you all soon.


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